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The Vessel is an online cooperative with deeply unique and authentic instructors bringing you on a journey to the world within so you can set yourself free and bring your purpose to the world.

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Rudá Iandê - The World-Renowned Shaman 

Rudá is the lead instructor of The Vessel. He has created its two foundational workshops: Out of the Box and Ybytu. Rudá also plays an important role in curating the instructors for The Vessel, working with them at a very deep level to refine their message and make it a deeply transformational experience for our community.

Justin Brown - The Digital Media Entrepreneur

Justin is the founder of Ideapod, the closest partner of The Vessel. He played a significant role in transforming Ideapod from a fledgling social network for ideas into a global media brand focusing on redefining self-development. Justin's workshop, Developing Your Personal Power, lives here at The Vessel.

Our Partners

We develop close partnerships with global media brands that are aligned with our mission to build communities that support their members in bringing their potential to life.


A global media brand and community with the mission to redefine self-development and bring people's potential to life.

Hack Spirit

One of the world's largest and most authoritative resources on creating positive relationships to live a fulfilling life.


A blog by the Hack Spirit founders exploring the more alternative and esoteric side of personal development.