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Are you tired of being made to fit into a system that swallows your time, energy, and dreams, giving you nothing back but emptiness and frustration?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power to think for yourself and live life on your own terms.

We’re a community of rebels daring to pierce behind the veil of conventional wisdom, living with genuine authenticity and personal power.


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The online workshops, masterclasses and eBooks to develop your personal power and live life authentically

Join World-Renowned Shaman and Healer, Rudá Iandê, as he Reveals How to Use a Unique Shamanism System to Access the Power Within Ourselves to Build Strong, Healthy, Life-Long Relationship.

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Discover how to use Breathwork to release energetic blocks, dissolve stress and anxiety, and find inner peace. Hosted by Rudá Iandê, the world-renowned shaman and creator of Ybytu - the shamanic breathwork technique

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Join the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê in this free masterclass as he reveals a powerful framework to align spirituality, love, family, and work around your true nature. 

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Redefining Self-Development

The Vessel helps you break through the societal myths, toxic relationships, and limiting factors that are holding you back from living your most creative and inspired life.

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