How to Use Breathwork to Release Energetic Blocks, Dissolve Stress and Anxiety, and Find Inner Peace 

Hosted by Rudá Iandê, the world-renowned shaman and creator of Ybytu - the shamanic breathwork technique

Here's What You'll Learn:

Dissolve Stress and Anxiety and Shift Your Relationship with Life

Have an Empowering Relationship With Your Emotions

Cultivate Personal Power and Boost Your Creativity and Vitality

The Power of Life in Your Lungs

“Use your breath as a vehicle to explore your deeper self. Raise your life experience to new heights, unleashing your vitality and developing you inner potential for health, creativity and joy.“

Ybytu is a complete, very comprehensive system of breath techniques for self-development.

This masterclass introduces you to the power of life in your lungs and shows you how to use your breath to dissolve stress and anxiety, have an empowering relationship with your emotions, and cultivate personal power in your life.

In the masterclass, Rudá Iandê will share with you a powerful exercise from Ybytu, "Breath Flow". Using this exercise you will release energetic blocks from your lungs so you can feel a deeper connection with the energy of life which exists within the air you breathe.

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